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All about the pro100.ghost

About Us

We are a team of highly qualified specialists, who United 4 years ago, to solve the problems of clients in social networks and promotion of sites in the TOP.

Social networks we work with:

- Vkontakte;

- Classmates;

- YouTube;

- Instagram.

We understand the needs of customers and therefore we have additional services such as:

- reviews on Google maps. All reviews we write with unique accounts, studying the product or type of activity of the client, leave a meaningful review;

- sale of Gmail accounts. Due to the high demand, we do not register accounts "for later", we register them for the needs of the client, both female and male.

We know how important it is in the modern Internet to have a site that is in the Top and brings profit to customers through advertising, promotion of services, goods-the competition is huge. We have the necessary experience and ability to promote the site in the form of issuance by eternal links, forum links, articles on forums and blogs.

We solve customer problems in Google Play and App Story. A new application, no matter How much you would not like it or how cool it would not be-it is not possible to get into the TOP or even the first hundred. People are bored with applications and you may be disappointed, because You have spent so much effort, time and money on it, but without motivated installations with reviews, keyword search, ratings, etc. you can forget about it. But we are also solving these problems.

Most important:

- We have our own user base to solve problems in social networks;

- We have our own database of users who install applications;

- We not when not worked and not let us work with bot cheat;

- We have our own, constantly updated database of sites for placing eternal links on them.

Our mode of operation is 24/7 - we never sleep:)

Sincerely, the team pro100.host

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