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Answers to frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

Question: will You be Able to pick up anchors

Answer: Yes, it is an additional service. We select them for protection against gluing

P.S. Gluing external / incoming links-the process of imposing one anchor on the other. 

Our recommendation: when promoting a site in search engines recommends creating variations with a large number of low-frequency search phrases in the title of links in order to obtain the maximum effect.

Q: For how long do I buy links

Answer: the placement of links is carried out on a permanent basis and with a one-time payment. For our part, we guarantee the safety of the number of posted links for 365 days from the date of submission of the report.

Q: can links be harmful?

Answer: External influence on the site by means of placing links does not lead to the imposition of filters, but can serve as an initiating event for checking the quality of Your resource (content) by specialized robots. If the content is not unique (and /or a lot of outgoing links), the filters, for example AGS (exclusion of pages and issuance), zeroing the SEARCH results, artificial reduction in the issuance-will be imposed without placing links. 

Q: Can I send a list of URLs and anchors to THEM?

Answer: Yes, you can, the description of each tariff indicates how to do it

Question: is it Possible to place links to resources with prohibited topics (casinos, adult, bookmakers, etc)

Answer: No, our policy does not allow this. In case of ordering this service and its payment, the order is rejected, the money is not returned.

Question: in the report sent after a few months, there are not enough links, what to do?

Answer: the Concept of "eternal links and articles" is relative and serves only to distinguish rental links from permanent ones. 

Links can disappear for the following reasons:

- the site ceased to exist or changed the domain

- link or article has been removed by the site administrator

How to be in this situation? 

We always carry out placement of links 10-15% more than stated in the tariff plan, but do not specify them in the report, because these links and articles are stored for post warranty service (usually enough for several years)

Q: what does the report look like

Answer: the Report is sent to your e-mail, do not forget to specify it in the comments to the order, in the terms specified in the tariff. The report contains all posted links, anchors to them. Some tariffs also specify the ICS of the site and other options

How to order:

In each tariff in detail (below) it is painted

Can I book a bankless accommodation:

Yes, in each tariff it is described how to make an order and conduct a bankless placement of eternal links

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